Saturday, October 19, 2019

Ceili album 'Volume 1' published!!!

We can proudly announce that our work of almost one year has finally ripen its fruit.
The Augusta Ceili Band - Volume 1 is finished.

You can listen to and / or purchase it online:

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

A New Project Is Born. The First Steps.

by Attila Tapolczai

In this year I've been through some really big changes in my music career. One of these changes is the birth of a dedicated Ceili project for Irish set dancers which I named after the old Roman name of the city I live (Augsburg, Germany). 

We've been playing Ceili gigs for a while with musicians from the Attila & Friends project but this is going through changes too these days so I decided start this as a separate project. 

These weeks we're working hard on our first album which we aim for Ceili dance groups who want to dance along high quality acoustic music. We can't really call our arrangement a classic traditional one but we hope that our approach will make dance groups happy. This approach is the same like we always had with Attila & Friends: Being loyal to the sound of the acoustic instruments (with the exception of the e-piano for the gigs) and making handmade, authentic music. With this project we'll focus on traditional and a few contemporary tunes and we'll surely have a certain amount of folk songs too in our repertoire. 
The lads and one lass who'll be responsible for the success or the failure of this project currently are: 

Aleix Kammerl, our extremely talented fiddle player, 
Florian Schanz the 'who-sent-this-guy-to-us' kind of amazing piano player,
Johanna Regenbogen, my longtime viola player and good friend who'll make the nice harmonies and some great rhythm,
Manuel Hengge the other old friend of mine who will make the driving guitar sound
And Andreas Koller with his new love, the bodhrán, the Irish drum.

We're in the middle of the recording process and I can't post any audio clips yet but you can have an insight through a couple of photos we made during the recording: 

See you soon...